Stefan x 3

This version uses a different service that supports multiple models, however, this file is larger and takes a while to download.

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Stefan Relit
Stefan linear fly-around

Our new 80 camera, 24 Mpx array instantaneously captures a body or face.
The image information creates a 3D model with a real texture.
Like any 3D model, you can then manipulate the model, re-light and view from any
direction with full texture.

*Broadcast: Create a 3D “fly-thu” with your own in-house creativity.
*Feature Film: Facial Scanning with Ekman’s FACS to create your own animated expressions of an actor.
*Games: Create characters based on real people for animation.
*Consumer: Create a life-like bronze bust or figurine of family, friends and pets for
3D printing.
*On-Line: Fashion : Display and design your garments interactively for a memorable and engaging experience.
*Augmented and
* Virtual Reality.