Stefan Relit

Stefan x 3 linear fly-around
Stefan alone (Home)
Stefan Relit

As you can see Stefan has been relit in post on Sketchfab.
It is the same model, but as it is no longer a photograph and is now a 3d model, it can be relit.
This lighting may reflect his on screen and evil persona.
Note that the Sketchfab service is limited to around 1k texture.
The original is actually photo quality at 8k texture.

Mobile: use finger gestures to interact.
Desktop: use mouse/trackpad to interact.

Want to see 3 poses of Stefan in the one shot?
Click here

Our new 80 camera, 24 Mpx array instantaneously captures a body or face.
The image information creates a 3D model with a real texture.
Like any 3D model, you can then manipulate the model, re-light and view from any
direction with full texture.

*Broadcast: Create a 3D “fly-thu” with your own in-house creativity.
*Feature Film: Facial Scanning with Ekman’s FACS to create your own animated expressions of an actor.
*Games: Create characters based on real people for animation.
*Consumer: Create a life-like bronze bust or figurine of family, friends and pets for
3D printing.
*On-Line: Fashion : Display and design your garments interactively for a memorable and engaging experience.
*Augmented and
* Virtual Reality.