Now you can see the entire garment!

Design&MU by Saphire Gaskas
Model: Bela Palacio Heazewinkel

View it with Google Cardboard VR and your phone here!

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Why Use This Concept for Fashion?
Photography has traditionally been intended to ‘display’ a product and portray a ‘lifestyle’.
Successful imagery exists when it is noticed ‘at a glance’.
In a single ‘glance’ you can ‘display’ the product and ‘lifestyle’ to gain attention.
This is why linear imagery, a television commercial, that has to be seen from the start to finish to be appreciated does not work at point of sale, shopping centre displays and the internet since it takes too much attention for us to be bothered with it.

People think that because the mechanism (the monitor) is used for moving pictures, it must contain linear moving pictures.
A monitor that simply displays still images one after the other is also a waste, as it does little more than display a cacophony of images that bombard us every day.
If everyone does the same, we are overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) and take no notice at all.

However, when we display a 3D Model and provide simple animation (a turntable), it is noticed ‘at a glance’ it is a still image, but it is also ‘moving’.
It rises up above the static image, gains your attention and since it is simple, it takes only a ‘glance’ to appreciate since we recognise it immediately.
We can be drawn into the ‘display’ and ‘lifestyle’ with further study – it is now worthy of our attention.
Monitors are good for displaying multiple pieces, but only when the content is appropriate.
3D Models are ideal.

The internet is an interactive medium and unless we interact with it, we are ‘missing out’.
2D images are not interactive – you cannot easily navigate the garment or even zoom in.
A 3D model achieves interactivity and engagement.
An engaged customer is likely to purchase from that site.
This style of 3D model is immediately accessible with Google Cardboard – a Virtual Reality experience.

Features & Benefits:
– Interactive Customer Engagement via your Website,
– Augmented and Virtual Reality ready (if desired),
– Point of Sale Display Ready,
– Small file size – around 6Mb,
– Viewable on Android and iOS mobile with no pug-ins.

Other Applications:
*Broadcast: Create a 3D “fly-thu” with your own in-house creativity.
*Feature Film: Facial Scanning with Ekman’s FACS to create your own animated expressions of an actor.
*Games: Create characters based on real people for animation.
*Consumer: Create a life-like bronze bust or figurine of family, friends and pets for
3D printing.
*On-Line: Fashion : Display and design your garments interactively for a memorable and engaging experience.
*Augmented and
* Virtual Reality.