Facial Animation

Amy albedo.

Amy original topology.

Re-topology suitable for animation.

7MM poly (200k shown) Amy re-topologised for animation.

This will eventually be incorporated, however, Facial Rigging is currently quite expensive as it is either:
– expensive as an automated service, by creating and rigging blend shapes or,
– labour intensive by using deformation maps.
In either case, it is estimated to be in the order of AUD$2k per face plus facial and body scanning.

Facial Scanning is not that difficult or expensive and simply uses a camera to record the original facial action which is then targeted to the new facial map.
This facial map and rigging is the main barrier, not technically, but rather as a cost of service.

So, if you have a need for this, then the answer is ‘Yes’, however, expect to pay a premium.

An example will come soon.