The final cost in creating a 3D Model is primarily defined by 3 parts:
1. Capture
2. Post Production and Complexity
3. Usage and Duration.

Cost is Price On Application.
To provide an estimate you will need to provide the following information:

Capture Days Captures / Day Complexity Duration Usage / 1 Of: Usage add ons
How Many 1-10 Male 12 months Internet / Mobile Internet / Mobile
Female More than 12 Months Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
Elaborate / Simple Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Long / Short Hair Gaming Gaming
Animation Animation
Broadcast Broadcast
Feature Film Feature Film

1. Capture is based on a day rate and is essentially a fixed cost.

2. Post Production is a variable and depends upon Complexity.
Complexity is based on the type of garments and whether the subject is male or female.
Females are generally more complex than males due to hair.
Long flowing hair of a female (or male) is more difficult to produce than a male who typically has short hair.
Females generally have more elaborate garments which can be difficult to capture and require more time in Post Production.
Males too can have garments that are difficult to reproduce.
Since all this is based on time, the aspects of the project need to be discussed as a part of pre-production.

3. Usage
A 3D Model is supplied for single use and is one of:
– Internet,
– mobile,
– augmented reality
– virtual reality,
– broadcast and
– feature film.

If the 3D Model is used for multiple usage, then a small ‘add-on’ fee is applied.

Most imagery is short lived.
If usage continues beyond 12 months, then a small ‘add-on’ fee is applied for every year it is used.
Most fashion, sports people, cars and other products have a limited life of around 12 months after which major changes are made.

Licensing occurs in most areas of image making and relates to where the image is being used and for how long.
Actors, models, photographers, PayTV and any service you subscribe to are all forms of licensing.
The 3D Model is created for a single intended purpose and for a duration.
Unlike conventional 2D photography, 3D Models have the potential to be infinitely re-purposed,  animated, re-lit and applied for a different campaign.

Typically, fashion has to be re-photographed when a new range is developed.
Sports people are re-photographed since they can change teams, sponsorship and body mass.
3D Models on the other hand, when captured in a particular way, means that there is no need  for additional photography since new fashion can be placed on a model and sports people can have different jumpers and sponsor logos replaced in 3D.
The person can also be aged, made younger, have varied body mass and re-lit in post production to suit any environment.

A perfect example of this is Brad Pitt in the feature film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Brad Pitt essentially only appears at his own age in the film and by creating a 3D avatar of his head they were able to digitally age him and make him younger and place the avatar on other actors body in any environment and match the lighting.

If the 3D Model is used for other purposes, then a small percentage as an ‘add-on’ will apply.

A final figure has many aspects, so please call Mark Ruff on 0412 990 125 to discuss your image making requirements.