Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can bring existing media to life!

Based on a printed QR code, you can view additional material.

This following example from our DropBox site sample is Android only.
An iOS sample will come soon.

You will need to install the application called “Amy.apk”
You then need to print out the QR code to a standard A-4 piece of paper, “xzimg-Marker-5×5-4095.pdf”
Lay the printed  QR code on a table top.
Launch the application and ‘hey presto’ you should see Amy  on a pedestal spinning around.
As you move the phone over the top of the code, you will see that the orientation of amy also changes.

This Android application contains the display engine and the content.
This will change and the engine will be a stand alone app so you can download additional content.

*Broadcast: Create a 3D “fly-thu” with your own in-house creativity.
*Feature Film: Facial Scanning with Ekman’s FACS to create your own animated expressions of an actor.
*Games: Create characters based on real people for animation.
*Consumer: Create a life-like bronze bust or figurine of family, friends and pets for
3D printing.
*On-Line: Fashion : Display and design your garments interactively for a memorable and engaging experience.
*Augmented and
* Virtual Reality.