Here is an interactive 3D Model:

Mobile: use finger gestures to interact.
Desktop: use mouse/trackpad to interact.

Mark Ruff culminates his 15 years of multiple camera array experience working all around the planet in the film and television industries together with many years of commercial, advertising and portrait photography to provide you with the best possible result.

A high end multiple camera array provides a superior result capturing high resolution texture and geometry in 1 single exposure @ 1/7,000 sec.
If quality and efficiency is important then you have come to the right place.
Mark’s lifetime achievements in the film, television and photography arena provides you with the best possible result.

Mark is a Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers as well as the Australian Cinematography Society recipient of Innovation and Advancement of Cinematography Award.

Our new 80 camera, 1.920 Gpx array instantaneously captures a body or face.

The image information creates a 3D model with a real texture.
Like any 3D model, you can then manipulate the model, re-light and view from any
direction with full texture.

*Broadcast: Create a 3D “fly-thu” with your own in-house creativity.
*Feature Film: Facial Scanning with Ekman’s FACS to create your own animated expressions of an actor.
*Games: Create characters based on real people for animation.
*Consumer: Create a life-like bronze bust or figurine of family, friends and pets for
3D printing.
*On-Line: Fashion : Display and design your garments interactively for a memorable and engaging experience.
*Augmented Reality
*Virtual Reality and
*Monumental legacy items.